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Inspire a
culture of kindness.

Watch your spontaneous good deed ignite a chain of generosity.

How it works.

Kindness Grows - How It Works - Kindness Card

Get the card.

Throughout campuses and workplaces, in grocery stores and barber shops, at sporting events and music festivals—samaritans across American cities are armed with Kindness Cards to pass on at the sight of a kind deed.

Kindness Grows - How It Works - Phone

Log the act.

Upon receiving the card, the newly crowned samaritan captures the scene with a photo, then logs the act kindnessgrows.org.

Kindness Grows - How It Works - Timeline

Watch it grow.

Witnessing another spontaneous act of kindness, the cardholder sends it onward, then receives updates as the unique card’s timeline grows, and grows, and grows…


Foster kindness at your organization.

Infuse your campus, workplace or organization with custom Kindness Cards to bolster your environment and align your brand with a transformative cause.